I think I’ll visit the Aroma massage shop in Suwon next time.
Hello, everyone! Did you have a good Christmas? This Christmas is Friday, so I was able to rest longer than other days for three days. But because of the corona, I couldn't enjoy it while hanging out with people, so I had a lot of regrets. That's why I went to get the Suwon Aroma […]

Hello, everyone! Did you have a good Christmas? This Christmas is Friday, so I was able to rest longer than other days for three days. But because of the corona, I couldn't enjoy it while hanging out with people, so I had a lot of regrets. That's why I went to get the Suwon Aroma Massage to relieve my fatigue and stress after a long time!

I visited by walking near my house, but it's accessible, so it'll be easy for people who use public transportation. People who bring a car can park for free, so you can use it comfortably without paying an expensive parking fee.

It was very difficult to make a reservation because it was for Christmas. I was a little disappointed that the reservation was due two days ago, but I got a call saying that I could make a reservation because one hour was canceled.

It closes early on weekends or rush hour, so you have to make a reservation 3-4 days in advance to get it at the time you want. If you go to the aroma massage shop, you can refer to it.

I was able to enter the room after measuring body temperature and disinfecting my hands. The corona is particularly sensitive to the prevention, but the staff at the Suwon Massage Shop frequently sterilizes the store with alcohol. Seeing you sterilizing it thoroughly made me feel more relieved and relieved.

Aroma massage shop in Suwon gave me 수원 마사지 warm welcome. It was a boy tea with a good and smelled good. He explained that drinking a drink a day helps reduce body fat and is good for removing active oxygen and immunity. The corona is really good to drink these days, so I liked it.

While drinking tea, I chose the care that I will receive this time. The Aroma Massage Shop consisted of three courses: 100,000 won for 60 minutes of body care for Swedish body care at the back of Atherapy, 140,000 won for 1 hour and 30 minutes for Atherapy body care, and 180,000 won for Ctherapy body care at 20 hours.

I wanted to get a 2-hour course because it's a very famous place for the Suwon Swedish massage, but I had no choice but to take the B course because I only had an hour and a half to make a reservation. After receiving it, I'll definitely take the C course next time I visit!

The Aroma Massage Shop in Suwon had a good interior design. I think you paid a lot of attention to props and furniture. The bright tone was brighter than other massage shops, using the illumination intensity. The furniture and walls are decorated with antique decorations, so it's a massage shop with a very luxurious image, so I felt like I was being treated more.

There were air purifiers everywhere, so they were responsible for the air quality inside the shop. The fine dust is getting worse these days, so it's hard to ventilate. It's because of the corona, but the air purifier is going around the pool, so I don't think it's stuffy or stuffy. It was pleasant. I could feel the aroma massage shop thinking about air one by one.

I moved to the dressing room for treatment. The inside of the massage parlor in Suwon was quite spacious, so I could change clothes comfortably. I changed into a well-washed maintenance suit, but it was a big enough size, so I felt much lighter. Now I have moved to the foot bath room to get a foot bath. There were a lot of foot bath seats, so the people who came as a group could get it comfortably at the same time.

The couch and cushion were so soft that as soon as I sat down, I felt like I had a magnet on my chair.^^; You washed your feet first. I don't get used to embarrassing things every time I get it. But the Aroma massage manager washed my feet clean, so I feel much lighter.

They take in warm water and release the sweet-colored foot bath, and the rose scent that comes out every time it melts was so fragrant. It feels like my body is drooping because I dipped my feet in warm water, but it feels comfortable because my body feels relaxed. Besides, it's been a long time since I've had a foot bath that makes me feel comfortable, so I think I had a more relaxed foot bath at the Aroma massage shop in Suwon.

I came to my room to enjoy sufficient foot bath and get an aroma massage. The Korean massage manager in Suwon gave me a massage. At first, you did some stretching and loosened your muscles, but it was so refreshing as your blood circulation increased. She was pushing my back with her knees. It was different from me stretching by myself.

It gently relaxes the tight inner muscles, which are not used well, but at first, the places that hurt just by touching Aroma massage manager's hands make them soft and not hurt, but their skills are different from other shops.

My shoulders were very stiff. They loosened them with their elbows. It hurt at first, but if I hold it in a little bit, I feel good that it cools down quickly. The Aroma massage manager in Suwon gently loosens it with oil, and even if the pressure goes in a little, he massages it with his hands, and it felt like he was taking good care of it. It would have been better if we had it for 2 hours, but I was satisfied with 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I went to the shower room to take a shower, and the shower products were well-prepared and I could tell that I was very careful about cleanliness. I liked the Suwon massage shop because it seems to be very hygienic.

The Aroma Massage Shop is well-prepared for skin care and disposables!

At the Suwon shop, warm towels were also arranged beautifully.

Lastly, I had a cup of tea and finished maintenance. Maybe because it's a different shop from other places, I felt lighter and satisfied that it was a place I thought of as a customer in terms of kindness and service. I think I'll visit the Aroma massage shop in Suwon next time.

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