a Lexus used car with 88카 no perfection
I can't eat spicy marinated crab ㅠㅠ So farThe marinated crab restaurant I went to makes good soy sauce marinated crab.I wonder if I can't. You're gonna suck a bite.It's like the smell of dirt comes to me for a little bit.So I watched the famous Soy Sauce Marinated Crab mukbang.Oh, it looks delicious. I'd […]

I can't eat spicy marinated crab ㅠㅠ So far

The marinated crab restaurant I went to makes good soy sauce marinated crab.

I wonder if I can't. You're gonna suck a bite.

It's like the smell of dirt comes to me for a little bit.

So I watched the famous Soy Sauce Marinated Crab mukbang.

Oh, it looks delicious. I'd be happy to think about it.

I can't even think about it -_- But it still stands out

If you mix rice with soy sauce and eat it,

It looks like you can get rid of both air.

I've worked in a place where I've worked for a long time.

I don't know if it's worth it, but it's too hard

Even though it was a situation, they gave me a bonus.

And that's why other parts of the world are funding it.

Pull them together. Now, let's consider a vehicle.

I wanted it! It was more luxurious.

There's a sedan that's durable.
It's Lexus es300h used. I'm going to say this.

a hybrid that runs on gasoline fuel

She's also a model ^^ I'll look around

And I came back with silver. ordinarily

Maybe it's because I'm not good at managing things.

Even though the washing cycle is long, it's relatively less obvious.

I was attracted to silver. And the Lexus.

Unique radiator grille structure silver color

You look good with it. ^^ A little bit.

There's a difference in taste, but I like it.

I just wanted to tell you that I heard it!

The neat L emblem also looks big.

The headlights are very sleek down there.

It's got LED's on it. It's got a rather unusual impression.

I'm giving it to them. I'm going to use the radiator grille.

It's designated as a crowded line.

It was amazing. This kind of bung bung is common.

I don't think so. There's a lot of cars in Korea.

It's getting a new release over time.

But I don't know if there's gonna be a fight to beat him.

It's a mystery. the first time I saw each other

It's been an impressive shake, and it's a stable one.

It's a well-established structure. It's amazing.^^

I thought the tires were a little flat, but they were twisted.

Apparently applied to a spiral wheel.

There were parts, too. The connection is very strong.

It's set up and the mileage isn't that long, is it?

It was basically a 2019 model.

He's got a total height of about 18,000 kilometers.

There was, so I could run with confidence.

It was amazing that you were with me. Accident History

No accident even if you look at the performance inspection record without

That's what it's all about. It's great.^^

No wonder it was neat even when I looked at the corner.

Inside Lexus es300h used car

There's plenty of room inside. If family

Even if we all ride together, complaints.

I didn't think it would come out. deep-rooted

You know, as a strong sedan, you can always roll it anytime.

I thought it would be great. painted indoors

The color was really unique. Another car.

Brown and Beige, almost never seen in

It was composed of two tones. This is...

It could be really bad.

It's more dynamic than 88카 playing in a split up.

It looks good on you, forming a structure.^^
The air bags are fully located in various parts of the cabin.

It was gutted. It was an accident-free.

Steady, long distance, safe.

I thought I could do it. belts along with

I pulled it, too, and it was very elastic.

If you pull it all the way in, it's not contaminated.

It was clean without any problem. with confidence

You can try it. Same seat belt color

It looks good on you because it's unified in brown.

It keeps your posture more stable.

There's a sunroof open on the ceiling, up to row two.

It didn't go all the way.

It's wide-spread across the street.

It's relatively less frustrating.^^

a very satisfying interior without a sunroof.

I'm sure you've come up with something that's appropriate.

It's open to the public.

Hani was surprised. It's opened up.

Keep it open when you want to drive.

I want you to run fast. in the purification of the air

It's helpful. Lightning's good

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