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Hello, neighbors!Today, I'm going to tell you guysPower Blogger-UsedTo an effective advertising agencya story aboutI'd like to share.These days, I start my own business.Young people who dream of starting a business.I think there are so many.In fact, there's only one business.If I run it, I'm sure I'To the company I run.about the right way to […]

Hello, neighbors!

Today, I'm going to tell you guys

Power Blogger-Used

To an effective advertising agency

a story about

I'd like to share.

These days, I start my own business.

Young people who dream of starting a business.

I think there are so many.

In fact, there's only one business.

If I run it, I'm sure I'

To the company I run.

about the right way to go.

It's better to think about it.

It's the most important thing.

Hello, I'm Cotus Ad, a real estate advertising agency.

Cotus Ade is officially registered with the Public Procurement Service.

It is the first company in Korea that specializes in advertising sales.

If it's the difference between our existing advertising agency and Cotus Ad,

In general, it's not an understanding of real estate or the market.

He was only focusing on the execution of the advertisement.

For example, a restaurant

I run a shop interior.

Mainly speaking,

as it's hardly noticeable, actually.

I don't know how to fit into 백링크 my business.

I have to find it.

It's the easiest to access.

The easiest way to do this is to find a way to do it.

It's called a mobile ad.

How to use it.

in the part

You've started your own business.

Business owners.

You need to think about it.

That's the part.

But Cotus Ad, a real estate agency,

Based on a thorough understanding of real estate sales products,

Because I carry out planning and marketing,

From copywriting of advertising to design and execution

The details are bound to be different.

There's a saying in the advertising world.

I empathize with both consumers and producers.

When you advertise, you get a high-quality advertisement.

How am I supposed to do something that I'm not interested in?

Can we get a good quality advertisement?

Now! We, Cotus Ade, have a wealth of these products.

Because they execute ads based on understanding.

It can raise the contract success rate from the start of advertising.

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