I bought the car 88카 here.
Not long ago, my old friend,I need to change my old car.I thought I'd do it.When you shop after you get married or when you're in the market,Used to be used for commuting to and from daycare centers.It was a sub-car.The baby is getting bigger and bigger.I don't think I'd ever ride it alone.I definitely […]

Not long ago, my old friend,

I need to change my old car.

I thought I'd do it.

When you shop after you get married or when you're in the market,

Used to be used for commuting to and from daycare centers.

It was a sub-car.

The baby is getting bigger and bigger.

I don't think I'd ever ride it alone.

I definitely thought it was narrow.

In the backseat, the children's car seats.

There's no more room to sit down.

Children's legs are getting longer and longer, so it's a 88카 compact car.

I'm gonna go grocery shopping and then I'm going to load up.

I couldn't even find space.~

So after discussing it with my husband,

I'll put my car up for second-hand sale.

I've decided to buy a new used car!

After I got a job,

It was the first car I bought, so I had a special affection.

I'm sorry that I got on the train without any accident.

It was really big.

But now that we're selling used cars, we've got a really good buyer.

It's gonna be good for a better use.

I thought about it.~

The used car site where I sold and bought the car,

It's 88 cars. It's Palpalka.

It's a place that's more reliable through personal transactions.

I chose it because it's a place where I can make a deal.

When we sell used cars, we're going to be right here.

I was so sorry that I didn't know.

At first, I'd like to ask a used car dealer what they do.

I contacted them and asked for the price one by one.

But you have to take a picture and send it to me.

I have to tell you the status of the vehicle. 팔팔카 Unexpectedly

It was a very tiring task. ᅲ

It's also hard to compare prices.

not knowing which is worth what

He's in a state of...

Then an acquaintance who was listening to my concerns

Tell me about your experience. 88 cars, Palpalka.

I introduced it to you~ Why did you introduce it now?

He changed his car here.

I heard you were able to buy and sell it at a good price.

In fact, I don't know much about things like cars.

Even if you're selling or buying in private transactions,

I was really worried about it.

When I went into the website and looked at this and that,

I didn't have to worry about this place!

I'm going to take a picture of the car I'm going to sell.

And if you raise the details, the area, etc.

I'm telling the buyers the price they want.

More than the price that used car dealers used to pay.

The prices were much better, and the quality looked better.

I don't think there's a middle margin, so much more.

I felt like I could make a reasonable purchase.~

I also want to meet someone I want to sell myself.

Explain and talk.

It's possible to make a clean deal without falsehood.

The buyer was satisfied, too.

And if you don't like it, you'll meet them and see if they're in

I can cancel the transaction right away.

I really liked it when I bought it.

It's a personal deal, and I was worried about it's a personal deal.

It felt like it was disappearing.

I'll meet him in person, open up the Bonnet, check it out.

I'll explain the inside one by one.

I'll give you a trial run, so you're satisfied.

The deal was made right away.

Or write a transfer contract.

It's not at all difficult to register the transfer of a car.

I could do it myself.

At this time, there was a lot of help from 88 cars.

I could have received it.

The buyer wants a personal installment plan.

I don't know where to go.

You did.

I remember my acquaintance's experience back then.

I told you to contact Palalka.

I'm glad it worked out.

From every transaction to car mortgage, to personal installment.

All in 88 cars to get good results.

If you need it, you can ask.

I thought it would be great.

Now that we've sold our favorite vehicles, we're more confident.

I found myself attached.

You said you sold it to my husband at a good price.

I feel better now that I get praised you.

And the next step is to buy.

It was my turn.

Once again, I want you to go into Palpalka.

I've got a list of vehicles, and I've got a list of things.

There are so many.

If the site had a small transaction volume, there wouldn't be anything you wanted.

The good stuff in the car that I'm trying to buy.

There were so many things that I was worried about.

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